Graduate Testimonials

Graduate Testimonials

Bel-Rea Graduate Testimonials

Are you interested in an exciting career making a real difference in the lives of animals? Read the following testimonials from actual Bel-Rea graduates to learn why Bel-Rea is a great option if you' re considering a career as a vet tech. Whether it's the hands-on experience, the joy of working with animals every day, or the satisfaction you'll get from knowing you've made a real difference in the lives of your animal patients, you'll get an education and a career that you'll love.

"I decided to go to Bel-Rea because I needed a degree that would allow me to move beyond desk work and combine it with a deep seated interest in animal science. I picked up my life from DC and moved more than half way across the country, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Though Bel-Rea's pace and curriculum came with challenges, it is the foundation that gave me the ability to become a Parasitology Lab Tech."

- Amelia A., 2011 Graduate

"I am part of a surgery department that works hard every day to help reduce pet overpopulation. I am very passionate about this mission, and I love feeling like I am doing something valuable when I go to work. I work with an excellent, caring team of doctors and technicians. I am so glad I chose to go the direction I did with my degree. It is so fulfilling to help animals who are so much in need."

- Kate G., 2010 Graduate

"I am a credentialed vet tech in a specialty center's surgery department. I find my job so interesting because there is always an exciting case. I work with 3 board certified surgeons and assist with set up of arthroscopic surgeries, run CT scans, and monitor anesthesia on a variety of interesting surgeries. PDA, foreign body surgery, complex fracture repairs, and back and neck surgeries to name a few. I love my job because it is rewarding to assist with fixing these animals. We have performed surgery on wolves, a few servals, and a lion. I'm glad Bel Rea gave me the foundation for this career."

- Courtney D., 2008 Graduate

"Bel-Rea gave me the education I needed to leave one great occupation and enter another without fear. The assistance, training, and preparation I received were far beyond my expectations. Coming into a field "blind" and not knowing what it was I needed to transition career fields was handled well by the personable and adept staff. I found a new family while alone in Denver."

- Glenda T., 2005 Bel-Rea Graduate

"I have seen and learned so much working in the field of veterinary medicine. It is not only patients that I grow attached to, many of the pet owners have touched my heart as clients and the relationships I have developed caring for their pets has added much joy to my life. My favorite part about my job is not necessary the various job skills I perform such as lab work, radiology, dentistry, pharmacology, anesthesia, assisting in surgery, etc, but the ability to start a patient's case and after diagnostics are performed to find the correct treatment and watch a patient become well again. There is nothing like being able to see an animal come in very sick and leave feeling well."

- Mira M., 2009 Graduate

"During my first quarter, not only did I separate from my now ex-husband, but my best friend had passed away. I had A's in all of my classes, but started failing my exams and not doing my homework. I didn't think I would make it through, but because of how small the classes are, I made many friends that helped me through that difficult time and I passed my first quarter with two A's and a B. After that, I realized how strong I really was. I realized I had support from my friends, and that my instructors saw potential in me that I never knew was there. I gained confidence, and felt strong and empowered to do anything I wanted. I discovered the drive to not just attend school, by to utilize my new confidence to tutor and encourage other students who needed help through a position as a Teachers' Assistant!

There is a huge support system at Bel-Rea. Not only do I have very close friends that help me, but my teachers and the staff are there every step of the way to show me the potential I have and I couldn't be more grateful.

I can't say I have overcome the hardest of my obstacles, but I want everyone to know that you can be a single parent, have no parental support, have a job, and maintain a great GPA. It is difficult, but it is not impossible. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! Keep your goal in sight, learn to prioritize, and never give up. You have so much potential to be the best you can be."

- Rela T., 2015 Graduate

"I am originally from Colorado, left after High School for the Navy, and returned to Colorado after I got out to go to Bel-Rea. I left Colorado again for California two days after graduation to take a job as a Department of Defense Police Officer/Explosive Detector Dog Handler. My degree from Bel Rea actually got me a $10,000/year raise before I even started. My education and experience are very helpful since I work with these dogs everyday. They, like any other animal also need veterinary care. I volunteer every week at the local clinic that we take our dogs to, and recently I came in contact with someone that trains Dolphins/Seals for the Navy, and I have an interview with that veterinarian next week. I never imagined the world of opportunities that would come after graduation."

- Elizabeth M., 2010 Graduate


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