Paying Your Tuition

Paying Your Tuition

NOTE:  Your Bel-Rea tuition is charged by the program rather than by the credit or per class. 

What if I want to pay cash for my entire program (without financial aid)?

Bel-Rea allows all students to make interest free payments on your tuition.  Payments must be in cash, check or money order and submitted to the Bursar’s Office.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to set up your initial cash payment plan.
Payment plan options are:
  • Monthly - Payment due on the first of each month.
  • Quarterly - Payments due on the first day of classes each quarter.
  • Each Academic Year -Payments due on the first day of the 1st quarter, 4th quarter, and 7th quarter unless otherwise specified.
Note:  If you change your class course plan and you are no longer a first quarter student please see the Bursar for an alternative payment schedule.

What if I want to pay my tuition using financial aid?

Financial aid can cover a portion or sometimes all of your tuition.  A Financial Aid Advisor at Bel-Rea can determine your eligibility once you apply for financial aid.

For information on financial aid available at Bel-Rea Institute, please see the Bel-Rea Financial Aid Handbook or visit it on-line under “Applying For Financial Aid” on the Bel-Rea web site.

Current Cost of Attendance

Current Student Loan Interest Rates and Fees


How and when will my financial aid be credited to my tuition account?

All financial aid funds will be applied in quarterly increments to your tuition account (i.e. not all at once).  


All students must attend the first class of all their classes in order to have their student loan and grant funds credited to their tuition account. 

First quarter students must attend classes for 30 days before they can receive their first disbursement of funds.

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