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Job Detail

  • Position Technician
  • Experience 3 Years
  • Practice Equine Only
  • Qualifications Other

Job Description

Collection and packaging of urine samples from horses for submission to racing laboratory, paying particular attention to chain of custody procedures.

Observe each horse’s behavior to judge and decide how best to get the sample needed from that horse in the most efficient and safe way.

Determine how to get horses thru the test barn as efficiently as possible. Judging when to take a horse in for collection or wait on another one due to horse behavior, the handlers’ behavior or the horse’s need to urinate.

Observe, educate and guide human test barn attendees on how to follow test barn procedures and rules appropriately.

Perform as witness for the administration of Furosemide on race day by the licensed Practicing Veterinarians and collect the syringes when used.

Updating identification from multiple databases, hard copy materials, online racing info sites,  and/or interviewing persons (trainers, vets, stable gate, stewards, etc.) to gather critical information on each horse (for each and every race day) to determine whether or not they are eligible to race and entered to race.

Obtain and study such information from multiple databases. Use Judgment to determine if information is valid and adequate.  Take appropriate action through various resources to investigate and solve problems efficiently.

Update the authorized medications for each horse, and the status of their respective health papers (Coggins tests and health certificates).  Prepare records used during testing: Daily sample cards, daily sample record, and chain of custody forms.

Maintenance of the test barn office and barn area including cleaning and sweeping the offices and restroom, cleaning and bedding the stalls, and leveling the shed row around the barn

Setting up equipment and supplies needed prior to testing horses:  filling alcohol bottles (used for cooling horses), washing and disinfecting water buckets between horses; setting out water buckets, sponges, and scrapers for bathing horses.

Attend daily racing staff meeting and provide input when requested; assist horsemen and practicing veterinarians by providing information when possible; attend hearings when requested.

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