Physical Form & Information

General Information

A complete physical exam including a healthcare provider’s clearance for enrollment is a required step for enrollment in Bel-Rea’s Veterinary Technician Training Program. Please see page 29 of Bel-Rea’s online catalog for more on the health information required for enrollment.

IMPORTANT! – Please wait to complete your physical exam until you are directed to do so by Admissions. You will complete the physical exam as part of the enrollment process.

Physical Form

Please note the following:

1. You must use Bel-Rea’s specific physical form. Download Bel-Rea’s Physical Form

2. Take all available vaccination records with you to your physical exam for your healthcare provider’s review.

  • Check with previous healthcare providers and your high school for records if you or your parents do not have them on file.

3. Please make sure that your healthcare provider completes all sections of the form as directed.

  • Do not let your healthcare provider leave sections blank.
  • Your healthcare provider is allowed to attach previous vaccination records Bel-Rea’s Physical Form and note the attachments in the appropriate areas.
  • Incomplete forms or forms that are filled out incorrectly will be returned to you.
  • If your form is returned to you, a second appointment with your healthcare provider will then be necessary so that he/she can correct/complete the form as directed.
  • Bel-Rea only needs the information contained in the Physical Form. Please do not send additional supporting documents (e.g. health records, vaccine records, etc.) unless specifically directed to do so.

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