Emergency Preparedness & Campus Safety

Emergency Preparedness & Campus Safety



Bel-Rea is committed to providing a safe learning environment for students.  It is rare for us to have any incidents on campus, but we ask for everyone to stay vigilant and to report any concerns or suspicious behavior immediately to a staff or faculty member.

If you have any questions about campus safety, emergency response, or wellness concerns, please contact Bel-Rea's Student Services Director:  Rebecca Brown, brown@belrea.edu, 303-751-8700 x212, or visit her office in the Media Center.

Medical Assistance

In an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.

If an on-campus medical emergency occurs during business hours, please also notify the front desk so that they can direct first responders to the room and send staff to help.

Local Hospitals List (PDF)

On-Campus Safety

2016 Annual Campus Security Report & Fire Safety Report (PDF)

  • Contains information on: Reporting Crimes, Campus Security Authorities (CSAs), Crime Prevention, Emergency Response, and Sexual Offenses.

Rights & Resources For Victims Of Campus Crime (PDF)

Campus Crime Anonymous Report Form (PDF)

Bel-Rea's Campus Safety & Violence Prevention Presentation Slides (PDF)

Visit your Policies Page (LINK) for more information Criminal Background, Disposal of Biohazardous Waste, Drug & Alcohol Policy/Amendment 64, Firearms/Weapons policy.

Campus Alerts

Campus/Community Alerts are posted on the main page of www.belrea.edu (LINK) and are sent to students through their Bel-Rea Student Email.  On-campus crimes or concerns will be reported to all students through these alerts.

  • If you have any problems connecting with your Bel-Rea Student Email, contact Stacey Sloan at sloan@bel-rea.com.

Bel-Rea monitors off-campus crimes within one mile of campus on Raids Online and alert students, staff, and faculty if one of the following offenses are reported:  Criminal homicides, murder, non-negligent manslaughter, negligent manslaughter, forcible and non-forcible sex offenses, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

Emergency Text Alerts - coming in 2017!

Injury Protocols

If you are injured during a school-related or internship activity, please follow the Student Injury Protocol (PDF). 

  • Contact Ann Nemeth ASAP to report an injury - nemeth@bel-rea.com, 303-751-9700 x243.
  • Current Students:  Follow this protocol if injured on-campus, at an off-campus lab, on a class field trip, or at a class required volunteer time.  
  • Current Interns:  Follow this protocol if you are injured at your internship site. 

Paid Animal Care Staff (PACS):  You are covered by Bel-Rea's Worker's Comp Policy - please contact Stacey Sloan, sloan@bel-rea.com, 303-751-8700 x211.

Off-Campus Crimes

In an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.

In a non-emergency situation, contact your local county/city law enforcement help lines.

  • Authorities close to campus:  Arapahoe County Sheriff - 303-795-4711, Aurora Police - 303-627-3100, Denver Sheriff - 720-913-2000, Denver Police - 720-913-2000.

Need low-cost counseling, child protection help, or emergency assistance resources?  A Community Resources List is posted on your Community Resources Page (LINK).

  • Need a resource that isn't on the list?  Contact Bel-Rea's Student Services Director:  Cynthia Medina, medina@bel-rea.com, 303-751-8700 x212.

Personal Safety

Personal Safety Tips (PDF)

Protecting Your Credit Identity (PDF)

Receive free email alerts regarding crimes in your area - go to Raids Online (LINK) to sign up.

Sites Near Campus That Offer Beginner Self-Defense Classes (as of 6/2015 - provided as a courtesy, not an endorsement):

For Rabies Pre-exposure Vaccine Information, visit your Internship Page (LINK).

Safety Videos and Resources

Breaking The Silence (LINK) - Raising Awareness About Sexual Assault video (purchased from Security on Campus, Inc.).

Culture Of Silence (LINK) - Stalking Awareness video (purchased from Security on Campus, Inc.).

Speak Out And Stand Up (LINK) - Acquaintance Rape video (purchased from Clery Center for Security on Campus).

Run Hide Fight © (LINK) - Active Shooter In The Workplace video (a special thanks to the City of Houston Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security for their permission to share this video with Bel-Rea students).

For more information on Sexual Assault/Violence Prevention, please visit www.notalone.gov and www.clerycenter.org.

For sexual assault resources and assistance in Colorado, contact the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault at www.ccasa.org.

For information on healthy relationships/breaking the cycle of dating violence for today's youth, visit www.breakthecycle.org.

Emergency Preparedness

Bel-Rea has a full emergency response plan in place that addresses both human and animal safety and evacuation measures in the event of urgent situations.  The plan includes a wide range of response protocols - from power failures to bomb threats, from health issues to explosions or chemical spills, from severe weather incidents to active shooter situations and so on.

To assist in urgent situations, emergency response plans with specific response protocols are dispersed throughout the campus buildings in the red Emergency Response Backpacks, along with flashlights, first aid kits, CPR masks, and other response equimpment.

Please follow the directions of first responders, staff, and faculty during an urgent situation or drill, and also trust your instinct at all times.  If something or someone on or around campus doesn't feel or look quite right to you, please report your concern immediately to a staff or faculty member.  If you cannot immediately reach a staff or faculty member with a concern, or if you believe there is a threatening situation, call 9-1-1.

Students will be notified of various drills and training available via their Bel-Rea Student Email.

Evacuation - Human & Animal

Maps showing emergency routes and exits are posted throughout the campus buildings.

If there ever is a fire or other evacuation-level situation, please go directly to our off-campus evacuation site:  Rising Star Church, just across the street - on the corner of S. Dayton and E. Florida.  If there is a fire door in the area you are in, please feel free to use it in an emergency situation.

  • At Rising Star, we would perform a headcount, make sure everyone was all right, and receive help from first responders.  Please do not leave that site until you are given an "all clear" and the ok to go, unless it is unsafe to stay at that site.
  • When evacuating, please use caution crossing the street.  Use the crosswalks if at all possible.
  • RSMBS/Evacuation Location Map (LINK)

IMPORTANT!!  Please know that we have a trained animal evacuation team - our ANEVAC Team.  They will evacuate and assist animals during emergencies.  If you are not part of the official ANEVAC Team, never attempt to evacuate campus animals!  You may get in the way of the trained ANEVAC Team and first responders, be injured, or accidentally harm our animals.

ANEVAC Exceptions:

  • If you have your personal animal(s) already with you at the time of the evacuation, please take them with you.
  • If you are walking the campus dogs for animal care at the time of an evacuation, please take them with you to the evacuation site and alert a faculty member when you get there.  They are already properly restrained and we do not want you to spend time trying to find an ANEVAC Team Member to evacuate them.

Animal Safety

  • Recognize that this is a high-exposure site.  Shelter animals are consistently on campus.  Any sick, unvaccinated, recently vaccinated, or immune-compromised animals are inappropriate visitors.
  • Be aware of breed bans.  Currently, there are pit bull specific bans in place in the following areas of Colorado:  Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, Castle Rock, Ft. Lupton, and Louisville.
  • Never leave your pet(s) in the car.  Animal Control will be called to confiscate your animal(s) and they will issue you a ticket that includes a costly fine and mandatory court appearance.  If the animal is in crisis, 9-1-1 will be called, which may result in additional costs.
  • Please visit the Policies/Consumer Info Page (LINK) for more information on the following policies:  Animals on Campus, Inappropriate Animal Care & Use, Management of Animal Bites.
  • Need to report off-campus animal abuse?  Visit your Community Resources Page (LINK) for local animal control resources.

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