Whether you are just beginning the financial aid process, are needing to finish your loan counseling, or want to explore aid options, Bel-Rea’s Financial Aid Office is here to help.

Federal Financial Aid and Veteran’s Benefits are available to those who qualify. We are dedicated to making our veterinary technician program affordable to students who need help paying for college. In fact, 70-85% of our students choose to utilize some type of financial aid each year.

Looking into attending Bel-Rea? Please speak with an Admissions Advisor before starting the Financial Aid process – call (303) 751-8700 or (800) 950-8001 (toll free), or request information.

  • STEP 1: Apply for admission to Bel-Rea
  • STEP 2: Apply for financial aid by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid “FAFSA”. Click here for steps on filling out the FAFSA.
  • STEP 3: Wait to hear from the Bel-Rea Financial Aid Office for your next steps (usually you will receive an email or a packet in the mail within a few weeks after you have successfully submitted your FAFSA.
  • Veteran’s Education Benefits? Click here for information on veteran’s education benefits.
  • Questions? Email or Call us at (303) 751-8700 – (800) 950-8001 (toll free). Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (MST).
  • Bel-Rea Applicants – please note: If you would like Bel-Rea’s staff to interact with someone throughout your application process, such as a parent, spouse, or counselor, please fill out this Information Release Form.

Federal School Code: 012670

*New* Beginning in April 2020
Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement
Direct Student Loan and parent PLUS Loan borrowers will soon be required by the Department of Education to complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement. According to Federal Student Aid, “The new process will require student and parent borrowers to view how much they currently owe in federal student loans, and to acknowledge that they have seen this amount before a school can make the first disbursement of the first Direct Loan that a student or parent borrower receives for each new award year. The “Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement” process (previously referred to as the “Informed Borrowing Confirmation” process) will be available on beginning in late April 2020.”

The requirement that this process be completed prior to disbursement of loans for the 2020-2021 Award Year is being delayed. “The Annual Acknowledgement must be completed before a borrower can receive the first disbursement of the first loan the borrower receives for a particular award year, starting with loans associated with the 2021–22 Award Year”

“Although borrowers will not be required to complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement process until they begin receiving loans for the 2021–22 Award Year, it will be available to borrowers following the update in April 2020.”

Notes about the Borrower Experience from Federal Student Aid:
All borrowers (both students and parents) will complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement on For a Direct PLUS Loan made to a parent borrower, only the parent completes the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement.”

Note about FSA IDs: To complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement, borrowers must be able to log in to using their username and password (FSA ID). To ensure borrowers can complete the process in a timely manner”. Students and parents need to have an active FSA ID. Please create an FSA ID if you or your parent do not already have one. You can also validate your existing username and password at anytime.

“The Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement should take less than 10 minutes to complete. The experience will be personalized based on the borrower’s attributes, but generally—

First-time borrowers (those who have no current loan balance) will

  • answer a few questions about their state, school, expected degree, and field of study.
  • view summary information from the College Scorecard about total estimated school costs, graduation rate, total estimated student loan debt, and estimated monthly payments.

Note: College Scorecard data is unavailable for borrowers attending foreign schools. Borrowers attending foreign schools will be able to proceed without viewing College Scorecard data.

  • view general financial literacy information about borrowing student loans.
  • check a box acknowledging they read and understood the information.

Returning aid recipients (borrowers with current outstanding loan balances) will

  • view summary information about their loans and grants from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS®) as of the day they complete the acknowledgement. Information includes outstanding balance, estimated 10-year standard monthly payment based on the borrower’s current balance, servicer information, loan limit information, grant summary, and grant limit information.
  • check a box acknowledging they read and understood the information.”

For further information on this process please check in with your Financial Aid Advisor at Bel-Rea Institute.

Handbook Updates – There have been changes to the Origination fees and interest rates for Direct Student Loans and Direct PLUS Loans:

  • Interest rates for loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023: Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Student Loans, 4.99%; Parent PLUS Loan, 7.54%.
  • Origination fees for loans first disbursed on or after October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023: Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Student Loans, 1.057%; Parent PLUS Loan, 4.228%.

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