Admissions Requirements

and Required Transcripts
High School Diploma or High School Equivalency

A high school graduate or individual who has earned a High School Equivalency Diploma/Certificate may apply for admission to Bel-Rea. Bel-Rea accepts diplomas/certificates from accredited high school or equivalency programs, or rigorous home school programs. Documents produced by “diploma mills” are not approved.

One of the following items must be submitted during the application process and is not returned:

  1. High school transcript confirming graduation

Applicants with a high school diploma earned through a public or private high school:

  • Your official transcript must include graduation date, a list of courses from grades 9-12, credits earned, and cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) or explanation of grading system.
  • Applicants can utilize e-transcript technology to order official transcripts (e.g., send to
  • Your school can utilize e-transcript technology or secure email, mail, or fax to send your official transcript.
    • If faxed, a cover letter from the school identifying the sender is required.
      If printed, an official’s signature is required.
    • Bel-Rea also accepts hand-delivery of official high school transcripts by applicants, but the transcript must be in an envelope sealed by the school.

Applicants with a high school diploma earned through an online program:

In addition to the official transcript requirements listed above for a public or private high school, you will also need to provide confirmation that the online program is authorized by a local education agency (e.g. school district or charter school district).

  • List of authorized online schools in Colorado:
  • Schools outside of Colorado: Contact your state’s Department of Education and provide Bel-Rea with the link showing your school on a list of authorized schools, or provide a letter confirming online program authorization from your local education agency.

Applicants with a high school diploma earned through a home school program:

Your transcript will be evaluated for equivalency by one of the following methods –

  • If you completed your home school high school diploma in a state where the local education agency (State Department of Education or school district) will verify equivalency to a public high school, send this verification of equivalency to, or,
  • If your state does not verify equivalency of home school diplomas (e.g. Colorado), Bel-Rea will evaluate your transcript for equivalency. Bel-Rea utilizes the following requirements (based on Higher Education Admissions Requirements and local school district requirements):
    • 17.0 units of credit minimum. 1.0 unit = 1 year of a high school course. If you are taking a college course while in high school, 1 semester = 1 unit.
    • 4.0 units English (e.g. Literature and Composition, American Literature, World Literature, upper division writing courses, etc.).
    • 3.0-4.0 units Mathematics (e.g. Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, upper division math courses, etc.).
    • 3.0 units Natural Science (e.g. Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.).
    • 3.0 units Social Science (e.g. Economics, Psychology, Sociology, History, Political Science, etc.).
    • Remaining units completed in Additional Core Academic Courses and Academic Elective Offerings (e.g. Fine Arts, World Languages, Career/Technical Education, Business/Consumer Studies, etc.).

2) Proof of High School Equivalency Diploma/Certificate and scores from an equivalency testing center –

  • Official proof of GED, TASC, HISET, CHSPE, HSED and scores should be sent utilizing e-transcript technology (e.g., order for or directly from the testing center.

3) Proof of foreign high school equivalency –

  • Foreign student applicants must utilize a foreign education service to submit an official transcript, English translation of their transcript, and a certification of equivalency.
Admissions Entrance Exam

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam, Bel-Rea’s entrance exam, is required for applicants who graduated from high school but had a cumulative GPA below 2.4, applicants with a high school equivalency diploma/certificate, or applicants who attended high school outside of the United States. The entrance exam is waived for applicants who have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the United States (official transcripts required).

Applicants that are required to take the Wonderlic SLE need a score of 16 or above for admission to Bel-Rea. If an applicant fails the exam, a second opportunity to take the exam is allowed. The Student Services Coordinator may recommend taking foundational college courses or working with support services at a community college before retaking the exam. If an applicant fails the second attempt, a third and final attempt is made available, but the applicant must wait a minimum of one year to take the exam a third time.

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