What is a

Veterinary Technician?

Vet Techs work alongside veterinarians providing emergency and critical care, assisting in surgery, performing lab work, and other vital responsibilities.

If you love working with animals, a career as a veterinary technician is perfect for you! Vet techs are an integral and necessary part of veterinary medicine. From assisting in surgery to providing emergency care, and taking radiographs (x-rays) to running lab work, veterinary technicians help care for small, large, and exotic animals in places like veterinary hospitals, shelters, zoos, and more.

Unlike veterinarians who have to complete 8-12 years of schooling, veterinary technicians can finish the necessary training in as little as 24 months. They also share many of the same duties and responsibilities as a veterinarian.

The demand for vet techs is expected to increase 20% in the next few years, “Much faster than average (U.S. Department of Labor/Bureau of Labor Statistics). There are approximately 100,000 jobs held in the US and the salary is favorable to other fields with similar education levels.

Our AVMA-accredited veterinary technician training program includes everything you’ll need to prepare for a new career in animal medicine, all at a pace that’s right for you. We’ll help you succeed with expert instruction from dedicated faculty who will train you in the skills necessary to succeed in the field. Bel-Rea graduates qualify to apply for the Veterinary Technician National Exam, required for veterinary technician credentialing in the United States.

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What does a Vet Tech do?

Assist in surgery and monitor anesthesia

Perform lab work including Microbiology, Parasitology, and Hematology

Take digital radiographs (x-rays) and perform ultrasounds

Assist in dental procedures and
educate owners on nutrition

Provide emergency and
critical care

Handle and safely restrain a wide
range of animal patients

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