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Military Information

    Have you attended any military classes? *

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    If yes, please select a category below for completed or current college courses (grade of "C" or higher and 3 or more semester/ quarter credit hours required):

    • Chemistry - Courses: Organic, Inorganic, or General Chemistry

    • Humanities - Courses: American Literature, Anthropology, Art History, Comparative Religion, English Literature, Foreign Language, Mythology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology; or any combination of three or more of the following that are not the same type - Government, History, Music, Sign Language, Speech, Studio Art

    • Math - (Proficiency exam will be required) - Courses: Algebra I or higher, Calculus, Geometry, Statistics, Trigonometry

    • Perspectives - Courses: College Success, Study/Success Skills, College Reading/Study Skills, College/Career Orientation Course, Freshman Seminar; Perspectives is automatically waived for a two or four year degree (not occupational) and typically waived for two or more years of college with a 2.8 or higher Cumulative GPA

    • Technical Writing - Class must require writing proficiency) - Courses: English Composition, English Literature & Composition, Technical or Expository Writing, Rhetoric

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    ChemistryHumanitiesMathPerspectivesTechnical WritingOther


    Military Coursework

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