About HHolland




Experienced in providing in-home care to companion animals.
Provided food, grooming, health assessment, and exercise to the school\'s cats, dogs, exotics, avian and laboratory species.
In charge of packaging and labeling medical waste in an appropriate manner.
Collected, prepared and labeled laboratory samples; took and developed diagnostic radiographs.
Filled prescriptions, measured medications, and labeled containers with attention to detail.
Administered medications, vaccines, and treatments as prescribed by the veterinarian.
Completed surgical rotation including running anesthesia, assisting the surgeon, pre- and post- operative care, blood work, wrapping surgical packs, and cleaning the surgical suite and instruments.
Comfortable with providing effective and safe restraint methods for a wide variety of animals.
Technical training in Hematology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Pharmacology, Anesthesia, Clinical Chemistry, Office Management, Sterile Technique, Radiology, Toxicology and Traige; First Aid for Animals and CPR and Equine Herpes Virus electives.
5 years of Veterinary Technician Assistant hands-on experience including placing intravenous catheters, drawing blood samples, running blood work, following treatment orders, educating the client, triage calls and nursing care.
Excelled in a 10-week, full-time technical internship with a dynamic and busy general, specialty and emergency practice including rotations in; Intensive care, Treatment, Emergency Care, Surgery, Dentistry, Laboratory, Internal Medicine, Radiology, MRI/CT, Physical Rehabilitation, Neurology, Pharmacy, Client Service.

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