05 Oct

Celebrating Happy Cat Month


September is the month that we get to celebrate our happy, healthy feline friends. But what is it that makes a cat so special? What makes a cat a purrfect pet?

1. A strong work ethic

cat in field

Historically cats have been kept around to perform the duties of vermin eliminator. They are a common asset to any barn to keep the populations of rodents under control. However, they can often be overzealous in their duties and have been known to wipe out entire species of small mammals, reptiles, and birds. For this reason, we recommend keeping your kitties indoors, where they can hunt spiders and insects to remember their labor-intensive roots while keeping out of trouble.

2. Commitment to the work-life balance

cat nap

Though our feline friends perform their duties admirably, their passion for rest and relaxation are second-to-none. You may often find your cat catching an afternoon nap, in a warm, inviting sunbeam, letting the worries of the day melt away. Kitties lead the self-care movement with their passion for meticulous grooming, dedication to keeping a proper sleep schedule, and playing as hard as they work. They also participate in self-massage techniques, loosening up those facial muscles by rubbing them on various surfaces. The warm-up routine is important to prevent muscle strain when announcing that it’s dinnertime.

3. Aptitude for Affection

happy cat

There is little in this world more rewarding than gaining the trust and affection of a cat. Some cats practice free-love techniques and will reward any human that can be convinced to give pets with top-rate snuggles and face-smushies. Other cats need to take their time to develop a relationship before giving up their love, but those willing to wait will find the reward well worth it. Studies have shown that even 10 minutes of petting your cat can help to reduce stress on a physiological level. Not only is an affectionate cat probably the most adorable thing in the world, it also has measurable health benefits. 10/10 highly recommend getting your snuggle on with the nearest consenting feline. Who doesn’t love the sound of purring?

4. Great at keeping a schedule

cat in fridge

Anyone who has spent time with a cat know that they are very punctual, particularly around feeding times. You will never again wonder when it’s time to eat, your cat will make sure you never miss the mark. Some cats will shower you with aggressive affection, even daring to give a little “love-bite”- No doubt an attempt to taste you in the event that you don’t provide appropriate sustenance in a timely manner. Some resort to caterwauling, endlessly singing the songs of their starving ancestors.

Crafty cats, such as Sir Jacob P. Reginald III esquire pictured above, will even resort to taking inedible (pens, sharpies, masks) from under the nose of the owner to attempt to “eat” them, as a dramatic gesture of hunger. These more dramatic kitties (cough-Jake) may demand an audience while eating, or refuse to eat from the edges of the food bowl, these special creatures are luckily quite adorable and sweet, thereby ensuring that their humans will put up with such diva behavior. One thing is for sure, with a cat in the household you will never wake up late again. You may be up 4 hours early, but hey, the early cat catches the rat, right?