4th Demention Training & Pet-sitting

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Company Description

4th Demention Training & Pet-sitting is a company that provides superior customer service, exceptional care for your pets, unique/customizable services, and unparalleled professional guidance with regards to obedience training and pet-sitting.

Where did 4th Demention come from you might be asking?  You might already know that my last name is Dement (Think cement with a D for pronunciation).  Well my dad was Benjamin Eugene Dement, IV aka the fourth.  He was my world!  I lost him in September 2006, so I wanted to pay homage to him.  When he was alive, he had a car restoration company called The Fourth DEMENTion.  When I decided to open my own company, I wanted to be able to take clients and their pets to the next level of care and expertise so why not the 4th dimension or better yet the 4th Demention instead.  Therefore, I created, 4th Demention Training & Pet-sitting.

This company is designed with only the best in mind for your pets.  My central hub is Greeley, Colorado, but will travel within a 50-mile radius to provide dog training and pet-sitting services.  I specialize in dog training and overnight pet-sitting but offer a wide variety of other services as well including feline training, dog walking, and plant care.

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