El Dorado Animal Hospital

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Company Description

We are a full service, AAHA accredited veterinary clinic in Fountain Hills, Arizona. We provide medical, dental, and surgical services for dogs and cats. Our mission is to provide honest and personalized veterinary care in a comfortable environment, where pets are treated with compassion and owners are treated with respect.

  • We strive to listen and communicate effectively with
    pet owners
  • We promise to stay current with the ever-changing standards of veterinary medicine
  • We vow to provide exceptional value in veterinary care

Your Pets are Special

You know what we are talking about. A challenging day can be made bearable and a great day can be made even more beautiful when you experience that unconditional love and affection that comes from an animal. That kind of bond goes both ways. It is your responsibility to make sure your pet has everything he or she needs – and that includes nurturing, attentive vet care at one of the NorthEast Valley’s finest local vet clinics. Dr. Sarah Bashaw, one of the most compassionate and dedicated vets in the local area, has established El Dorado Animal Hospital to provide top quality veterinary care for you and your family. The warm and professional staff members are committed to Dr. Bashaw’s veterinary vision and the El Dorado Animal Hospital philosophy of personalized animal care in a comfortable setting at outstanding value.

Advanced Animal Clinic Technology in Fountain Hills and Scottsdale

The new facility includes all the latest in veterinary care technology and equipment. Our full array of local services includes wellness care, routine and advanced dental care, ophthalmology, surgery, radiology, ultrasound, in-house lab, nutritional consultation, emergency services and more. Although most all of the services your pet needs are located in-house, we have excellent resources in the veterinary communities nearby. We offer referrals to Phoenix, Scottsdale and other Arizona veterinarian offices when necessary.

The Locals’ Preferred Veterinarian and Full Service Clinic

Visiting the vet can be scary sometimes, for both you and your pet. Here at El Dorado Animal Hospital we strive to put you all at ease, whether it is during a complicated time of crisis or a simple, routine check-up. Cutting edge veterinary technology and the well-trained, caring staff assure that you and your pet will be as comfortable as possible. (We even have a separate area for our cat patients who might have experienced some anxiety in a multi-species waiting room!) Come visit our Fountain Hills, Scottsdale area vet clinic and experience El Dorado Animal Hospital for yourself.