Evacuation – Human and Animal

Maps showing emergency routes and exits are posted throughout the campus buildings.

If there ever is a fire or other evacuation-level situation, please go directly to our off-campus evacuation site: Rising Star Church, just across the street – on the corner of S. Dayton and E. Florida. If there is a fire door in the area you are in, please feel free to use it in an emergency situation.

  • At Rising Star, we would perform a headcount, make sure everyone was all right, and receive help from first responders. Please do not leave that site until you are given an “all clear” and the ok to go, unless it is unsafe to stay at that site.
  • When evacuating, please use caution crossing the street. Use the crosswalks if at all possible.

IMPORTANT!! Please know that we have a trained animal evacuation team – our ANEVAC Team. They will evacuate and assist animals during emergencies. If you are not part of the official ANEVAC Team, never attempt to evacuate campus animals! You may get in the way of the trained ANEVAC Team and first responders, be injured, or accidentally harm our animals.

ANEVAC Exceptions:

  • If you have your personal animal(s) already with you at the time of the evacuation, please take them with you.
  • If you are walking the campus dogs for animal care at the time of an evacuation, please take them with you to the evacuation site and alert a faculty member when you get there. They are already properly restrained and we do not want you to spend time trying to find an ANEVAC Team Member to evacuate them.

Campus Alerts:

There are no alerts at this time

Need resources or have questions about campus security? Contact Stasi Bottinelli (Financial Aid Manager/ Title IX Coordinator) at bottinelli@belrea.edu or (303) 751-8700.