Certified Veterinary Technician

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Job Detail

  • Position Technician
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Practice Small Animal
  • Qualifications Graduate (CVT, RVT, LVT)

Job Description

The technicians play a vital role in our hospital. They are responsible for all of the patient nursing in our hospital. Further, they are must be familiar with all of the technical aspects of the job delineated in this document. They partner closely with the veterinarian to ensure that the delivery of care is both effective and efficient. Since we are small hospital, the technicians will take on other roles that help the business run efficiently. This will include assistance and or leadership in areas of inventory management, equipment care and facilities management.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Understands Our Mission and Core Values (i.e. The Golden Paw)

  • Mission Statement: Our goal at Golden Paws Animal Hospital is to be a partner with our clients to provide individualized care for all of our pet owners and pets. We will strive to always deliver the Golden Three “P”s to our clients: Partnership, Prioritization, and an understanding of Price.
  • Core Values: We strive for The Golden Paw. The Golden Paw consists of: Education: Our clients need to make the best decision possible for them and their pets. Our goal is to provide the best education we can to present family members and those at home. We will partner with them to pursue our agreed upon course of action. Bond: We will always consider the bond between the pet owner and pet. We will strive to give recommendations that nurture the bond with their pet as opposed to hindering it. Wellness: We believe pet ownership contributes to the wellness of others. We will make recommendations that consider how we can prevent sickness and anxiety. Community: We are a part of the broader Golden Community and Front Range. We will strive to be a visible, contributing member of this community.

2. Technical Responsibilities

  • Phlebotomy, Catheter placement
  • Anesthesia machine set up, use and maintenance o Anesthesia monitoring and knowledge of equipment use
  • Patient preparation, Patient recovery
  • Obtain radiographs (both dental and table); Familiarity with care and setup of both the table and dental X-ray machine
  • Dental scaling, dental prophy and charting
  • Cleaning, sharpening and sterilizing instruments. Use and maintenance of the autoclave and gas sterilizer
  • Performing laboratory testing and maintaining machines
  • Filling prescriptions and discussing common medicines with owners
  • Maintain the controlled drug log book and understanding what drugs need to be kept in the safe
  • Appropriate animal restraint. Consider Fear Free techniques
  • Communication with clients as needed in person, by email and telephone
  • Laser use and safety
  • Helping develop and enforce patient care SOPs

3. Other Duties may include administrative, management or building maintenance. Duties will be divided up by technicians:

  • Inventory Management: Ordering, tracking, receiving, stocking and entering inventory into the computer.
  • Facilities Management: Keep hospital clean and well supplied for day-to-day maintenance.
  • Equipment Care: Regular upkeep and appropriate checks on hospital medical machines and equipment.

4. Communication

  • Maintain professional and clear communication with clients. This includes helping to take histories, discussing discharge instructions, scheduling for appointments and responding to customer requests.
  • Communication with clients should always be friendly, compassionate and responsive to customer needs.
  • Partnering with our clients is of utmost importance. Always consider how we can work together as a team in the delivery of healthcare or wellness services.
  • Internal communications need to be strong. Use of tools like Trello board can be used for non-urgent needs. Urgent needs should be communicated immediately.
  • Attending and participating in Regular meetings. Help define our “Golden Three” for the quarter.

5. Education Requirements: Needs to have a current certification (i.e. CVT). The certification must be kept current by keeping Continuing education credits up to date.

6. Physical needs: Must be able to lift a medium size dog on a table and restrain a dog or cat as needed.

7. Computer Skills: Must have basic computer skills such as ability to use the internet, understands email use, is willing to become proficient in our Client Management System.

8. Writing/Communication Skills: Needs to be able to communicate professional using written words and digital communication.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by an employee in this position. GPAH employees will be required to follow any other job related instructions and to perform any other job related duties represented by Dr. Lane.

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