13 Aug

Nana’s Kids are Here

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Nana the goat kidded to THREE baby boys in June 2019! The animal care staff who tend to the animals on weekends were surprised to find the babies on a Sunday morning and noted that Nana probably gave birth on Saturday night. She had a normal birth and all boys came out healthy and happy. Nana was originally predicted to only being carry one baby, so we were all pleasantly surprised to see three!

The boys were named to match their unique coats:

  • Chip has a mostly brown coat with black accents.
  • Snickerdoodle has a light tan colored coat.
  • Oreo has a mostly black coat with white accents.

Our goat care staff has been keeping an eye on them as they have been growing bigger and exploring their world. In order to ensure their health and safety, the goats were put on quarantine and given much needed space.

Over the past two months, their personalities have really started to shine! Chip is the brave leader and very rambunctious. He enjoys a little parkour by jumping on and around logs. Snickerdoodle is a very loving boy that enjoys lots of attention. He is very much like a little lap dog. Oreo has captured everyone’s hearts as the tiny runt of the litter with a big personality. He is the little piggy and will butt his bigger brothers out of the way for food. They have all been a great addition to the Bel-Rea family and never fail to entertain and wow us with their cuteness!

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