17 May

Onsite Dental Workshop for the Veterinary Technician


June 18TH, 2022
8:00AM – 12:00PM (MST)

Custom Workshop with Hands-On Experience!

  • Onsite Dental Workshop for the Veterinary Technician
  • Instructors/Mentors:
    • Kathy Eby-Pershing CVT – Adv Vet Tech Dental Training
    • Kathy Tello CVT – Vet Tech & Self-Care Coach
    • Ingrid Pyka DVM Cert VMI – Practice Consultant

Best Dentistry Tips

  • Effective patient positioning for every head-shape
  • THE perfect shot – Dental rads simplified!
  • Anatomy & pathologies – Healthy vs unhealthy, what do they mean?
  • Charting everyone can understand!

Anesthesia for the Dental Patient

  • Let’s talk about drugs
  • Puppy/kitten vs geriatric (and in-between)
  • Decompensation – Transforming “what-if’s?” into prevention & response


  • Reduce your anxiety and nurture work-life balance with self-care techniques for even the busiest technician

contact@vetmatchPRO.com  |  303.946.4151

RACE Approval Pending (4 hrs)

REGISTRATION: $197 (includes hands-on workshop and educational materials)*