Smart Steps To Take As Soon As You Apply

As soon as you apply for acceptance to Bel-Rea, please also complete the following actions:

Step One

Apply for Financial Aid.

Step Two

Apply for Veteran’s Benefits if you are a Veteran, military spouse, or child of those who serve.

Step Three

Check your email for Application and Enrollment Checklist and Due Dates

Step Four

Order official college transcripts, official military transcripts, and/or official AP Exam Scores (for those wanting to waive credits at Bel-Rea due to previous college, military, or AP exams/coursework).

Apply for disability accommodations, if needed.

Discuss any concerns about criminal history, if needed.

Campus Alerts:

There are no alerts at this time

Need resources or have questions about campus security? Contact Stasi Bottinelli (Financial Aid Manager/ Title IX Coordinator) at or (303) 751-8700.