11 Mar

The Top 25 Small Animal Bloggers

From hamsters to rats, ferrets to hedgehogs, small animals are as cute as it gets. One look at their tiny paws and you’re a goner. For that and many other reasons, small animal lovers can be found all over the world, whether it’s a rabbit mom offering advice or a chinchilla rescue worker. In honor of these enthusiasts and expert’s dedication to our furry friends, we proudly present Bel-Rea’s list of the Top 25 Small Animal Blogs.

Small Animal Talk: Based out of Sydney, Australia, Dr. Anne Fawcett has it all: she’s a journalist, veterinarian, and a lecturer in veterinary science.

Atlas of Small Animal Ultrasonography: Written by a duo of ultrasound masterminds, this blog is the perfect resource for vet tech students trying to hone their small animal skills.

My House Rabbit: Backed by articles from bunny experts, this blog provides news and insight for anyone interested in keeping a rabbit as an indoor pet.

Animal Hearted Blog: This blog updates almost every day with a new article about your favorite small animals—and gives 25% of its proceeds to animal shelters.

About Pet Rats: Jasmine Bachrach has been a rat fan since 1990, so she has lots of experience to share when it comes to these intelligent little rodents.

The Pet Blog Lady: Though this blog also offers info about cats and dogs, it covers a wide spectrum of small pet animals—complete with witty commentary.

The Rabbit House: Another UK blogger, Tasmin, addresses every aspect a rabbit owner should think about, from diet to what types of cages are best. She also gives interesting tips on rabbit care in a modern world.

Rats Have Feelings Too: This Tumblr blogger has all the ratty goodness you need to brighten your day, with photos of rats doing what they do best—making us smile.

The Pleasantries of Princess Pricklepants: If you think hedgehogs and classical art go together, this is the blog for you.

Our Crazy Rat Adventure: This blogger was shocked when she realized her new rat was pregnant, but thanks to her hard work, we can all enjoy her sweet newborn ratties.

Renkun Hiiret: This Finnish Tumblr blogger offers abundant mouse-owning experience with a nice mix of advice and cute photos (in English, not Finnish).

The Pets Dialogue: Get the historical background of your favorite small pets, from how to tell the difference between different hamster breeds to what the classifications are for dwarf rabbits.

Happy Cavy: Self-described as the internet’s only four-webcam broadcast of guinea pigs in Portland, Oregon, check this blog for insight into the life of a guinea pig owner.

Great Lakes Rabbit Society Blog: The official blog for the Great Lakes Rabbit Society, these writers will inspire you to give a rabbit a fur-ever home!

How To Care For Hamsters: This German blogger, who pulls together information from reputable sources, responds to your questions about hamster care every day—in English.

The Rabbit Rabble: This rabbit-owner/rabbit-sitter is always posting to her blog with updates on her rabbits’ health and silly behavior. This is a great blog if you’re thinking about getting a long-eared friend.

Skunk Guru: Though skunks are not legal to have as pets in the entire US, this blogger will convince you that they’re as adorable as any other small animal!

Ratropolis: Life with Rats: Though this blogger specifically focuses on what it’s like to own rats, the best thing is the holiday pictures. Did we mention the rats are in full costume?

Memphitis Advocate: If you’re looking for skunk-related news, especially when it comes to pet skunks’ protection, look no further than this newspaper-themed blog.

The Gerbil Blog: Between videos of gerbils opening Christmas presents to photos of them in Chinese teacups, it’s hard to resist this blog.

Rabbit Ramblings: This eclectic blog offers a little something for every bunny lover, whether that’s Monday memes or epic videos epic bowl-throwing proportions.

Mouses Houses: Even if these aren’t real mice, the adorable staging in these lifelike photos will make you think differently about the furry friends in your life.

Cavy Savvy: A Guinea Pig Blog: Buffy, Broccoli, and Lola will steal your heart away when you read what they’ve got to say about taking care of pet guinea pigs!

Friendly Ferret: Discover hilarious ferret shows and touching life moments with Anja and her ferrets, Frida and Yoda, who live in Zagreb, Croatia.

Cats and Hamsters: Montreal Pet Sitting: This Canadian pet sitter shares interesting stories about buying & caring for hamsters and how to be prepared to have pet sitters in your home.

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