Tutoring Rules

How to arrange an individual tutoring session with a Student Teaching Assistant (TA):

PREFERRED METHODS: Contact TAs only by their preferred methods – listed on the downstairs Tutoring Board.

REASONABLE HOURS: Only contact TAs between the hours of 9am and 8pm, unless otherwise directed by a specific TA.

NO GROUP EMAILS/TEXTS: These create too many communication issues.

LEAVE A MESSAGE WHEN YOU CALL: The TAs will return your call as soon as possible. Please state your name and phone number twice.

LET THE TA KNOW WHEN YOUR BREAKS ARE WHEN YOU CALL/EMAIL/TEXT: That way, the TAs can look for a common time before they call you back.


IF YOU DON’T HEAR BACK WITHIN 24 HOURS ON A BUSINESS DAY: Contact another TA. Your text/email may not have gone through, or the TA you contacted may have been swamped with contacts. Note: It may take TAs longer than 24 hours to respond on weekend days.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO SCHEDULE A SESSION: TAs are students too and usually cannot make last minute arrangements due to crises created by procrastination.

CALL IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL: Let a TA know ASAP if you cannot make an arranged session due to an emergency – please call instead of texting or emailing. They will do the same for you.

ONE HOUR PER SUBJECT PER WEEK: This is the amount of total weekly individual tutoring with a TA allowed by the program. If you need more than one hour per subject per week, attend the group clinics, go to your instructor’s tutoring times, put more time into your studying, try alternative study methods, or create a study group.

General Tutoring Protocols:

For safety reasons, tutoring is available on campus, on weekdays, while classes are in session. Please do not ask for weekend or evening sessions, or to meet off campus.

BE PREPARED: Student TAs are there to assist you in your learning and to clarify lecture/reading material, so here is what they will expect from you:

  • Come prepared with questions, even if the question is “can you explain ____________ to me?”
  • Let the TA know where you are struggling
  • Bring along your notes/study materials for the TA to look at
  • Ask for learning tips and what helped the TA do well in that class
  • Ask for practice questions
  • Ask for examples if something is unclear
  • If the TA is reviewing a writing assignment, make sure the assignment is typed, bring along your sources, and make all recommended revisions before you meet with the TA again
  • Do not expect the TA to re-lecture all of the material because you didn’t pay attention or study
  • Do not expect the TA to do your learning for you – you need to do the work.
  • Do not ask for old class materials such as tests or notes.

APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR IS EXPECTED OF STUDENTS AT ALL TIMES: Unprofessional or inappropriate behavior will result in the loss of tutoring privileges. Examples (not an all inclusive list):

  • Calling outside of reasonable hours
  • Flaking on tutoring sessions
  • Not calling when you have to cancel due to an emergency
  • Not studying ahead of the session time
  • Adding yourself uninvited to another student’s tutoring session
  • Interrupting other tutoring sessions
  • Interrupting a private conversation
  • Unfairly dominating group sessions
  • Being demanding or pushy
  • Using inappropriate/crude language
  • Asking tutors out on dates
  • Offering tutors money
  • Asking tutors to do your work for you

IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH A STUDENT TA: Please contact the Student Service Specialist, at (303) 751-8700 x206.

Campus Alerts:

There are no alerts at this time

Need resources or have questions about campus security? Contact Stasi Bottinelli (Financial Aid Manager/ Title IX Coordinator) at bottinelli@belrea.edu or (303) 751-8700.