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  • inkless paw print pad

    Inkless Paw Print Pad

    No Mess, No Residue – Designed to create your pet’s paw prints without leaving ink residue on your baby’s paws. Our clean touch ink pads use a “zero ink contact” imprinting method to allow beautiful stamping of your pet’s hands and feet on art cards, memory book journals and other paper-based keepsakes. Mess free ink pad and 3 mini art cards.

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  • cats on catnip

    RP Minis: Cats on Catnip

    This mini kit includes everything you need to grow your own catnip at home.

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  • mini office messenger pigeon

    RP Minis: Mini Office Messenger Pigeon

    Send your messages with style with Mini Office Messenger Pigeon! Kit includes everything you need to send a note with your own reliable avian.

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  • lucky dog

    RP Minis: Lucky Dog

    Give the gift of luck and good fortune to yourself or someone you know with this adorable Lucky Dog figurine.

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  • ufo cow abduction

    RP Minis: UFO Cow Abduction

    3-inch diameter spaceship, equipped with a hinged cockpit dome from which a curious alien peers, and featuring multiple light and sound effects. Includes miniature cow, faux grass mound and display.

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  • chonk cats nesting dolls

    RP Minis: Chonk Cats Nesting Dolls

    The viral chonk cat trend gets a fun twist with this unique kit featuring mini chonk cats nesting dolls. Purrfect for your home or the office, cat lovers and chonk cat enthusiasts alike can embrace their love for chub-tastic felines with this one-of-a-kind collectible set.

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  • lucky cat

    RP Minis: Lucky Cat

    Originating in Japanese culture, Lucky Cat, or maneki-neko, is regarded as a charm that brings good fortune to its owner. Included herein is a mini Lucky Cat figure with motorized arm and a 32-page illustrated book on the history of this ancient talisman.

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  • yoga frog

    RP Minis: Yoga Frog

    Let this calm and serene yoga frog be your desktop guru as you take him through a simple and relaxing yoga routine!

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