10 Mar

The Top 25 Reptile And Amphibian Bloggers

These animals may be ectothermic, but they aren’t cold-blooded. Reptiles and amphibians can be just as lovable as any other animal, from the cute way they stretch out in the sun to how they playfully coil, hop, or crawl around your fingers. Although these mini-dinosaurs are often misunderstood, many of our students at Bel-Rea are making strides in appreciating our sun-loving friends. And they’re not alone. Photographers, researchers, and enthusiasts around the world have dedicated their lives to the care and study of these incredible creatures. That’s why we’re proud to showcase Bel-Rea’s Top 25 Reptile/Amphibian Blogs.

The Painted Reptile: You’ll want to check out how this team of writers addresses the issues every reptile owner will end up facing at one point or another.

Pretzel the Hognose: Want a western hognose? See what it’s like to be a first-time reptile owner in this fun Tumblr blog.

Backwater Reptiles Blog: Experienced reptile-owners offer the knowledge and pets you need—and donate a portion of their proceeds toward protecting the Madagascan forests where many indigenous and rare reptiles live.

Reptile Talk: This blog collects interesting information and news about reptiles and amphibians across the world, making it an excellent news hub for all things herpetology.

The Wandering Herpetologist: This multi-authored blog chronicles hands-on experience with reptiles and amphibians in the wild, from California to the UK.

Life Is Short, But Snakes Are Long: PhD student at Utah State University indulges his interests by writing about snake ecology—while also changing others’ perception of snakes through education.

Dancing Snake Nature Photography: Happiest behind a camera, this photographer specializes in desert, wildlife, and nature.

The European Reptile and Amphibian Blog: With a passion for world travel, this English blogger lets his exotic photographs do most of the talking.

Serpent Research: Former biology and anatomy/physiology professor shares his wealth of knowledge of herpetological history with an emphasis on snakes.

Living Alongside Wildlife: “Don’t hate, educate.” Wildlife ecologist and assistant research professor encourages an appreciation for wildlife that tend to have a bad reputation, addressing common fears and myths.

Advocates for Snake Preservation: This blogging duo promotes compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes by sharing news and dispelling myths.

The Travelling Taxonomist: Running a light-hearted Tumblr blog, Mark addresses anonymous questions and studies the reptiles and amphibians of Madagascar. Occasionally he bakes.

The Croc and Gator Blog: Join in the discovery of a zoo worker as she documents the life and times of crocodilians in her care.

Reptile Zoo Blog: Less and less people in urban environments ever get to see wildlife. This blog shows how reptiles and amphibians can bring joy to people of all ages.

Frog Blog Manchester: This conservationist at the Manchester Museum in England shares compelling events and stories about amphibians all over the world.

Creepies and Crawlies: Photography, pop culture, and general hilarity come together in this blog to promote a love of reptiles.

Save the Salamanders: Join in the rise of this new blog—a full-time salamander advocate has a lot to say about the importance of these amphibians to our every day life.

Amphibian Survival Alliance: Armed with the experience and knowledge of a global alliance, this blog both inspires and keeps you informed on news related to reptiles and amphibians.

Herpetology Blog: The University of Kansas’s Biodiversity Institute brings a rich history of studying herpetology to the table as it shares the findings and triumphs of students and professors alike.

The Herpetology of Trinidad and Tobago: This academic blog gives you all the Latin names and scientific jargon you need to understand the diverse reptiles and amphibians in Trinidad and Tobago.

Field Notes by Bryan D. Hughes: A blend of humor and seriousness help this Herper withstand the Arizona sunburns as he researches and relocates reptiles and amphibians.

Strike, Rattle, and Roll: This seasoned blogger shares a little bit of everything, from the predator-prey relationship between rattlesnakes and ground squirrels in California to why earthworms are important.

Dooferette Herpetology: This Brazil-born Londoner presents her “Herp of the Week” and honestly faces the issues of the day.

The Venom Interviews: Focusing on venomous snakes, this new blog stems from the recent documentary The Venom Interviews.

Cuteness Pet Blog: Reptiles can be cute too. Here you can learn about the potential of having a reptile as a pet.

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