Bel-Rea offers FREE tutoring to all students:

  • Individual tutoring with instructors
  • Individual tutoring with student teaching assistants (TAs)
  • Tutoring clinics with student teaching assistants (TAs)
  • Animal handling clinics with paid animal care staff (PACS)

Students can utilize any combination of the above services to meet their learning needs, but are limited to one hour per subject per week with the individual tutoring with student teaching assistants (TAs) category.

Individual tutor lists by subject, tutoring clinic sign-up sheets, and animal handling clinic sign-up sheets are available on the tutoring board (downstairs in the main building, near the back door).

IMPORTANT: Please read these Tutoring Rules before contacting a student teaching assistant (TA).

IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH A STUDENT TA: Please contact the Student Service Specialist, at (303) 751-8700 x206

Campus Alerts:

There are no alerts at this time

Need resources or have questions about campus security? Contact Stasi Bottinelli (Financial Aid Manager/ Title IX Coordinator) at bottinelli@belrea.edu or (303) 751-8700.